Meike Driessen

multimedia artist based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands


Meike Driessen

lens-based multimedia artist from Rotterdam, Netherlands


Meike Driessen (2000)

From a young age, I was taught to navigate life’s ups and downs independently. The solitude in which I spent most of my hardships taught me a deep sense of introspection. The complexities of the human condition captivate me: the way our internal emotions contradict, co-exist, sabotage and withdraw. My practice is based around these emotional experiences, in which I explore themes such as loneliness, isolation, trauma and identity.

I capture, reconstruct and manipulate environments that mirror the darker, solitary aspects of the human mind, establishing a paradoxical interplay between familiarity and discomfort. Whether reflecting on personal experiences, capturing intense emotions, or exploring the deeper layers of the human psyche, I always strive to create images that resonate with the viewer. My intention is to enable the viewer to recognise a part of themselves in my work.

I work with various media including photography, video, text, sound, sculpture, archival material and installation. By employing a variety of media, I aim to engage the senses and create a stimulating and immersive experience, allowing the viewer to be engulfed in an emotional journey.

2023                 Alone, Together: Exploring Alienation group exhibition, Rotterdam NL
2023                 Kunstenfestival Borkel en Schaft group exhibition, Borkel en Schaft NL
2023                 NOW SHOW graduation show, Breda NL
2023                 Fotoasiel self-initiated group exhibition, Breda NL

2022                 STROOM group exhibition, Breda NL

2021                 Within Bodies and Bytes group exhibition, Breda NL

education & courses
2023 - 2024     Fotodok Utrecht NL
                         ‘Lighthouse’ talent programme

2019 - 2023     St Joost School of Art & Design Breda NL
                         BA Photography, Film & the Digital (cum laude)

2023                internship at Jan Hoek Amsterdam NL